Hourly Labor Rate                                                       $60.00

PA State Inspections                                                $40.00

There is no fee to read the code causing a check engine light on 1996 and newer vehicles.  Diagnosis beyond reading the code is billed out at $60 per hour.

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Titles - tags - Notary - inspection - Repairs - sales

This includes Labor, Sticker and Tax

Titling fees

All titling fees are in addition to fees charged by PennDOT.  For a complete estimate, please call 717 593 0174 or text 717 729 0134.  I would be happy to total your fees.

Common PennDOT fees

Clerical Fee                                                                                                       $32.00
PA Plate                                                                                                                $30.00
Online Processing                                                                                        $11.00

Title Fee                                                                                                               $55.00
Lien Fee                                                                                                               $26.00
Registration (Passenger)                                                                       $38.00
Registration (Class 1 truck)                                                                   $64.00
Registration (Class 2 truck)                                                                  $89.00